About SPNZ

Slovak Gas and Oil Association (SGOA)is an independent association of companies and experts active in gas and oil sectors, registered with the Slovak Ministry of Interior.

The Association has been established in 1993 through the transformation of the Czechoslovak Gas and Oil Association, which has split up into two independent legal entities. As a successor of traditions and legacy established in 1919 by Czech and Slovak gas operators, in 30.09.1993 SGOA became a regular member of the International Gas Union.

SGOA represents its members in the following forums:
• technical
• economic
• legislative
• legal

SGOA represents renowned companies, which operate on the Slovak territory, and that are active in the gas sector, involved in the industrial and communal use of natural gas in Slovakia, as well as in research, conceptualising, design, construction, and operation of installations for the following operations:

· production and processing of gas

· underground storage of gas

· purchase and sale of gas

· transit transmission of gas

· gas distribution.