Organisation aims and objectives

  • Support and strengthening of natural gas image as energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly fuel with deposits sufficient for the world and for the Slovak Republic.
  • Creating an environment for an open expert discussion aimed to resolve conceptual, technical, economical, legislational and other issues in gas and oil sectors through organising conferences, exhibitions, workshops and other technical and social events, attended by both, domestic participants and participants from abroad.
  • Representation of the Slovak gas industry in the International Gas Union (IGU), active involvement in its activities, cooperation with other European and world NGOs.
  • Presentation and support of legitimate interests of SGOA members in dealing with public and private legal entities.
  • Organisation, broadening and coordination of cooperation among SGOA members actively involved in science, research and practice, and provision a technical assistance.
  • Active participation in advanced training of gas and oil industry staff, technical experts and students active in these industries using domestic as well as foreign experience.
  • Acting as a gas industry stakeholder in creation of legislative instruments and technical regulations during the enactment process in the Slovak Republic, especially in connection with the approximation of the respective Slovaklegislation to the legal environment in the European Union.