Konferencia CeoCor (16. - 17. mája 2018)

Pipeline Corrosion : Pipe Dreams or Nightmares (Plenary Lecture)
P.Elliott (Corrosion and Materials Consultancy, Inc., Colts Neck, NJ, USA)

Pipeline Integrity Design, Maintenance and Diagnosis – The Overall
L.Di Biase (Global Ltd Consultant), O.Fumei (ISPROMA, Texas, USA)
G.Raoli and V.Carusi (GECOP, Ltd., UK)

Polymeric Mesh Backed Coating - Interaction with Cathodic Protection
L.Perrad (Ennis, Texas, USA)

Electrical resistance sensors for the determination of the protection
potential of buried structures under cathodic protection
E.Diler and N.Larché (Institut de la Corrosion, Brest, France)
J.Vittonato (TOTAL, Pau, France), F.Castillon (TIGF, Pau, France)

Coupon effects on IR free potential
L.V.Nielsen, E.Santana Diaz and Michael Albaek (MetriCorr, Roedovre, Denmark)

The effectiveness of cathodic protection under shielding conditions –
Factory applied coatings
D.Joos and M.Buechler (SGK, Swiss Society for Corrosion Protection, Zürich, Switzerland)

Challenges in developing coupon DC current-density controlled
impressed current cathodic protection systems for buried steel 
F.Kajiyama (TOKYO GAS Co, Japan)
Pipeline Asset Management in the UK Water Sector (Plenary Lecture)
Ph.Clisham (GHD, Chester, UK)
Corrosion monitoring trials to understand the effect of changing water
sources on existing water transport infrastructure
A.Brown, St.Turgoose and G.John (Intertek Production & Integrity Assurance)
Influence of microstructure and heat treatment on corrosion in new
low-lead and lead-free brass alloys
O.Rod, E.Stalnacke, E.Claesson, Ch.Obitz, M.Lilja and J.Hagström (swerea KIMAB, Kista, Sweden)
Corrosion behaviour of two different brasses in soft and hard waters
of different pH
T.Kosec, M.Leban, N.Filipic and A.Legat (SBaCEI, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Recent experiences with flame sprayed PE and PP field joined coating

Reference cell contamination
M.Hardy (Cathodic Protection Co Ltd, Lincolnshire, UK)
Developments in remote magnetic monitoring of carbon steel pipelines to locate and measure abnormal stress
H.Habibi (Speir Hunter Limited, Newark, UK)

Regulatory Status and Results of Using VCI's to Protect Shorted Pipe Casing from Corrosion
G.Ramdas (Zerust Oil & Gas, Beachwood, USA)

Failures of insulating joints and spark gaps on the Hellenic Gas Pipeline System - a case study
N.Kioupis and Th.Manolis (DESFA, Chalandri, Greece)
C.Charalambous (University of Cyprus, Cyprus), P.Papadimitriou (University of Patras, Greece)
Corrosion modelling and machine learning
Stray current induced corrosion of steel fibre reinforced concrete
K.Tang (Science and Engineering, University of Wolverhampton, UK)
Observations in the Assessment of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion
Stephen Loftus (ROSEN UK, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK)
Internal corrosion in steel water pipes - revisiting a solved problem
M.Büchler (SGK, Zürich, Switzerland)

Requirements for intelligent a.c. mitigation devices, that minimize the negative effects of electromagnetic interferences on pipelines
T.Braun (Dehn & Söhne GmbH, Germany)

Modeling pipeline steel passivation
Christophe Baeté (ELSYCA, Wijgmaal, Belgium)
Advantages in using remote monitoring to assess effectiveness of cathodic protection in stray current affected areas
I.Magnifico (AUTOMA S.r.l.Ancona, Italy)
The Selection of Pump Materials for Handling Waste Waters (Plenary Lecture)
R.Francis (RFMaterials Ltd., UK)
An overview of an electrochemical noise technique to study the protection afforded by organic coatings to both standard metal items and to museum artefacts
S.Leeds (DCVG Ltd, UK), D.Mills and Tianyang Lan (Northampton University, UK), K.Schaefer (National Maritime Museum, Gdansk, Poland)
Evaluating the AC corrosion risk of cathodically protected pipelines – A new approach according to German Standard GW28
A.Vimalanandan and H.-G.Schöneich (Open Grid Europe, Germany), M.Büchler (SGK, Zürich, Switzerland)

Corrosion at isolating joints due to cathodic protection
D.Buxton and D.G.John (Intertek Production & Integrity Assurance, Manchester, UK)

AC Corrosion and the Pourbaix
A.Junker and L.V.Nielsen (MetriCorr, Roedovre, Denmark), P.Moller (Technical University of Denmark, Kgs.Lyngby, Denmark)
Realistic modeling of HVAC interference on pipelines
H.Negi, L.Smith and J.Love (Arcadis Consulting UK Ltd., East Kilbride, Scotland)
The Protection Potential - What is the Evidence?
Chris Googan (Anticorrosion Engineering Limited, England)
Corrosion protection through cathodic polarization – A discussion of the relevant effects and comparison with literature
M.Büchler (SGK, Zürich, Switzerland)