Collective membership

A collective member of the association may be a legal entity or a natural person – an entrepreneur, which is active in the gas or oil sector or trades related to the gas or oil sector.

Collective membership is created by approving the applicant’s application for membership at the meeting of the SGOA Council, the date of signing the Collective Membership Agreement and the payment of the membership fee.

The SGOA Council assesses the criteria for collective membership and the way in which collective members participate in the activities of the association.

Individual member

An individual member of the association can become a natural person who works, is otherwise active, or is interested in the gas or oil industry, if he submits to the association a duly completed application for admission as an individual member, recommended by at least two individual members of the association.

Membership fee is 20,- € per year.

The account number for the payment of the membership fee is 2667455133/1100 (IBAN: SK04 1100 0000 0026 6745 5133, BIC: TATRSKBX) as VS it is necessary to state the relevant year and in the note the surname of the member for whom the contribution is paid.


Honorary member

An individual who has contributed to the development of the gas or oil industry through long-term active work or in an extremely important way can become an honorary member of the association.