Vision and mission of SGOA (trenium 2018 – 2021)

Our vision:
SGOA, as a spokesperson for the gas and oil sector in Slovakia, contributes to the country’s sustainable energy future and to improving the quality of life by supporting the use of natural gas.

Our mission:
Present and promote natural gas as a safe, affordable and environmentally friendly and flexible fuel and as a key part of the Slovak energy mix.

To build SGOA as an integrating element of the Slovak gas industry and related industries, as their representative to European and Slovak state bodies and organizations in the field of legislation, energy policy, ecology, standardization, testing, certification and occupational safety.

To monitor the process of creation and implementation of regulations and directives of the European Council and the European Parliament related to the gas and oil sector, to provide comment procedures within the SGOA on proposals and amendments to Slovak energy legislation through membership in AZZZ SR.

Represent the Slovak gas industry in international organizations, especially IGU, MARCOGAZ, CEOCOR, disseminate the knowledge gained and continue to cultivate contacts with institutions through which it is possible to support the export of services produced by collective members of SGOA.

Continue to update and create technical rules for the gas industry (TPP) with a focus on the application of modern and effective trends in the operation and maintenance and use of new technologies.

To support and develop professional training of technical, operational and sales staff of gas companies and to create conditions for deepening cooperation with universities, professional and scientific institutions in applied research, in the education of young gas professionals and in the implementation of the Gas Advocacy program.