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Slovak Gas and Oil Association (SGOA)

It is an independent association of companies and experts operating in the gas and oil sector, registered at the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic.

The Association was established in 1993 by the transformation of the Czechoslovak Gas and Oil Association into two separate legal entities. As a continuation of the tradition, founded in 1919 by Czech and Slovak gas companies, it was accepted by the International Gas Union (IGU) as its full member on September 30, 1993.

SGOA represents the membership base in matters:

  • technical
  • economic
  • legislative
  • legal

SGOA is a representative of renowned companies operating in the Slovak Republic and in the field of gas engaged in the industrial and municipal use of natural gas and oil in Slovakia, as well as research, concept, design, construction and operation of equipment for:

  • gas extraction and treatment
  • underground storage
  • purchase and sale of gas
  • gas transit
  • gas distribution

Rastislav Ňukovič

Tomáš Malatinský
Past President

Richard Kvasňovský
Executive Director

Katarína Zvadová
Head of Secretariat

Peter Jurkovič