Subject and objectives of the activity

  • Promoting and highlighting the image of natural gas as an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly fuel with sufficient resources for the world and for the Slovak Republic.
  • Creating conditions for open professional discussion to solve conceptual, technical, economic, legislative and other problems of the gas and oil industry in the form of conferences, exhibitions, seminars and other professional and social events, accessible to domestic and foreign participants.
  • Representation of the gas industry of the Slovak Republic in the International Gas Union (IGU), active participation in its activities, cooperation with other European and world non-governmental organizations.
  • Presentation and support of the legitimate interests of SGOA members in relation to public and private entities.
  • Organization, deepening and coordination of cooperation of SGOA members working in science, research and practice and providing assistance in their professional activities.
  • Active participation in upgrading the qualifications of gas and oil workers, professionals and students working in these sectors, through the use of domestic and foreign experience.
  • Representation of the gas industry in the creation of legal norms and technical regulations within the legislative process of the Slovak Republic and especially in connection with the adaptation of the relevant legislation to the legal environment of the European Union.